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Inclusion in Childcare

Inclusion in Child Care

Including All Children in Early Childhood Programs

What is Inclusion? And why should we include?

  • Inclusion is “including” children with special needs in your program
  • Inclusion provides more positive child outcomes
  • Inclusion builds a community of acceptance

Do you have or care for children who are receiving special services?

  • Technical assistance on IEP or IFSP service plans
  • Facilitated collaboration among all service agencies and parents
  • On site consultation for including and assessing a child’s particular needs

Do you have or care for children who you feel should be considered for services?

  • Professional observation and consultation of a child’s development
  • Written referrals and recommendations
  • Collaboration with parents and providers

Do you have or care for children with challenging behaviors?

  • Professional observation for the behavior and the environment
  • On site consultation for implementing changes and support for including children with challenging behavior

What is an Inclusion Specialist?

  • A professional that links parents and child care providers with resources, services and trainings
  • A professional that provides strategies for including all children into any early childhood program


Linda Littlewolf: 505-277-6031

Sheryl Faulconer: 505-277-1260