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Exit Strategies Series

The Exit Strategies Series offers five fact-filled sessions designed to give you information on everything you need to know before deciding on when and how to buy or sell your business or engage in succession planning. Gather a wealth of information form the experts in each two-hour session.

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Sessions are $49 each or $199 for the entire series which includes:

Business Valuation

A primary task in building an exit strategy is business valuation. To make a data-driven decision, you’ll need to develop a data analysis plan in which you consider valuation standards and credentials as well as key valuation and risk factors. This session will offer valuation methodologies and calculations and examine the differences between valuation of companies and valuation of ownership interests.

  • Valuation standards and credentials
  • Valuation data and analysis
  • Key valuation and risk factors
  • Valuation
  • Valuation of companies vs. valuation of ownership interests

Instructor: Brent Carey, CFA, ASA

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Business Sale Process

This session provides a comprehensive framework for selling your business. Take a look at the involvement of business brokers vs. investment bankers. Then ask yourself a series of questions to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. Who needs to be on the team? What’s your timeframe? What part of the business are you selling? Examine components like assets or stock. Consider the marketplace and explore what makes one business more saleable than another, then define your transaction structure including price and terms. This twohour session is designed to save you time and effort in meeting your goal.

  • The Selling Process: Business Brokers vs. Investment Bankers
  • Creating a team to sell a business
  • Timeframe for selling
  • Key marketplace variables that make one business more sell-able than another
  • Selling assets vs. selling stock
  • Transaction Structure: Price and Terms

Instructor: Dennis Houston

Acquiring a Business

This session provides a comprehensive framework for buying a business. Discuss reasons why you might want to acquire a business and strategies for financing your decision. Determine who needs to be on your acquisition team and a reasonable timeframe for acquiring a business. With your team, study the marketplace to determine which businesses might be best for acquisition, and remember to include related acquisition costs. Invest this time to gain valuable insight and get a head start on your goal.

  • Why acquire a business
  • Financing a business acquisition
  • Choosing the best business for acquisition
  • Setting a reasonable acquisition timeframe
  • Forming the ideal acquisition team
  • Evaluating related acquisition costs

Instructor: Dennis Houston

Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs)

Have you ever considered an ESOP for your business? This session will give you the history and background of ESOPs while giving you a heads up on what it is and what it isn’t as well as the business characteristics needed before considering an ESOP for your company. In this session you’ll gain valuable information on the advantages and disadvantages and discuss the possible benefits to employees. You’ll hear success stories and gain access to resources that you can use after you leave the session.

  • What it is and what it isn’t
  • History and background
  • Important business characteristics before having an ESOP
  • Advantages and disadvantages to business owners
  • Benefits to employees
  • Success stories
  • Available reference information and resources

Instructor: Dennis Houston

Using Succession as an Exit Strategy

Have you ever thought about using Succession Planning as an exit strategy? This session explores the circumstances in which that would work as the best exit strategy. You’ll learn how to design a succession transaction that is win/win for owners and successors, then you’ll use a hands-on exercise to make sure that this plan will work for you. Build a timeline and progressive process for implementation.

  • Circumstances which dictate succession as the best exit strategy
  • Succession transactions that are win/wins for owners and successors
  • Determination if a business can pursue succession as an exit strategy
  • Designing a progressive process for implementation

Instructor: Michael Podolny

Dates: Feb 21, Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17, and Jun 21 (8:30am-10:30am)

Tuition: $49 per session, or $199 for the full series

Location: Moss-Adams
6565 Americas Parkway NE, Suite 600

A light breakfast will be provided. This series is offered by the Dynamic Growth Business Resource Center in partnership with UNM Continuing Education and Moss-Adams LLP, Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants

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