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Love New MexicoJoin us on day trips to travel New Mexico with our knowledgeable instructors to explore the state that we all love. Get to know New Mexico on a deeper level by exploring all four corners of the state and every inch in between. See our semester offerings to find new day adventures or revisit an old favorite. Either way, you will meet new people, see new sites and learn new facts about New Mexico.

Educational Tours

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Glass Graveyard Tour

Discover the Glass Graveyard. During the earlier part of the 20th century it was a dumping ground for glass and crockery. The contents would be burned and soil scraped over them and new layers created. Years and years of this has produced interesting results in glass shards and bottle pieces. Join us and discover this treasure for yourself. Meet at Forrester Studio and drive together to the site. A materials list is available at
Note: UNM Tuition Remission eligible under Personal Enrichment. Supply List: Please bring or wear: -Sunglasses, prescription glasses, or safety goggles to protect eyes when digging glass shards. -Close-toed shoes only. -Sunscreen. -Sunhat or ball cap for additional sun protection. -Gloves with little nubs (like for gardening) or any kind that will protect hands and fingers when picking up glass shards. -Appropriate clothing for the season. -Bottle of water for hydration. -Pail, canvas bag, backpack or any sturdy container to put glass shards in (not too big, easy to carry). -A small shovel or pick ax to dig with to uncover shards partially covered by dirt. | Learn More About UNM Tuition Remission

Tuition: $55.00 | Course Number: 00741

Registration for this section opens 8/8/16

Register by Phone at (505) 277-0077 | M-F 8am-5pm Except UNM Holidays
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International Tours

Cuban Painting

Arts & Culture in Cuba

Join the University of New Mexico’s Division of Continuing Education and Latin American and Iberian Institute and discover the arts and culture of Cuba. Visit with artists, visionaries, and historians, and explore the ideas that have helped mold Cuban culture.

Download the Previous Trip Itinerary and Info Sheet

Next Tour Coming in Fall 2016

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For questions or comments, please contact either Marie McGhee, Senior Program Manager, at or (505) 277-6320 or Amanda Wolfe, Associate Director for Programs, at or (505) 277-7044.

This trip is subject to slight modifications.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy: Tuscany, the Alps & the Riviera

One of the miracles of Italy is that a relatively small country contains such a wealth of stunning scenery and beautiful cities. This vacation is your opportunity to savor both. You'll enjoy a guided tour of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera, and the Alps—ageless, evocative regions that brim with history, striking vistas, and rich traditions. Discover Florence’s Renaissance treasures and Orvieto's ancient charms. In the Italian Riviera, you’ll stay in the Santa Margherita area and visit picturesque Portofino. As you journey through the Alps, you'll also visit fair Verona. Then travel high into Southern Tyrol to Bolzano, surrounded by the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites. Framed by brief stays in Rome and Venice, it's a superb opportunity to experience Italy's treasures.

Download the Italy Trip Itinerary for more information

Departure date: September 19, 2016

Cost: $3495 for 14 day Land Tour. $4905 for Land Tour plus Airfare from Albuquerque

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Videos from Our Recent Cuba Trip