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Our Home & Garden classes will teach you the skills you need to fix up your house. Whether you are xeriscaping your yard, fixing up your kitchen or learning the basics of adobe construction, our classes can help you reach your goal. Learn about sustainable lifestyles with our Solar Cooking with Solar Ovens class, and Home Composting in the Desert. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who can show you how to get the results you want. These practical classes will get you started on projects you want to tackle.

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Our high mountain desert environment challenges gardeners and composters. Learn which composting techniques work well in the desert and methods for drought proofing desert soil. The class also covers the science, art, materials, methods, and benefits of home composting and soil amending. Various composting methods will be reviewed so you can choose the one that works for your household. NOTE: Recommended text: Teaming with Microbes, Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis, Revised Edition, 2010, Timber Press, Inc., Portland, OR. ISBN: 978‐1604691139

Section SUA‐PE

Wed 6:30 PM ‐ 9:30 PM
John Zarola
CE North Building

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Home repair novices, gain hands‐on experience as well as a practical understanding of basic home repair. Learn how to use hand and small power tools, how to select the right materials for the job, how and when to hire help, how to make minor electrical and plumbing repairs, how to patch and repair interior and exterior walls, and how to select and apply paints and stains. Develop the ability to diagnose and solve common repair problems. NOTE: A $25 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class meeting. Students are encouraged to bring in their own tools and are welcome to bring their home repair problems.

Section FAA‐PE

09/07/2019 - 10/12/2019
Sat 9:00 AM ‐ 1:00 PM
Denise Wheeler
CE North Building

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Pamela Cornish, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has visited or lived in 63 countries, and has learned how to stay healthy, pack wisely, get maximum value for her travel dollar, and create delightful adventures. Whether you are a novice, veteran, or armchair traveler, by taking this class, you are bound to glean useful tips and skills for navigating your next journey, and enjoy optimal health and energy throughout the entire trip! NOTE: A $5 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the beginning of class.

Section FAA‐PE

Sat 8:30 AM ‐ 12:30 PM
Pamellina Cornish
CE South Building

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UNM Staff, Faculty & Retirees: You may use your Personal Enrichment Tuition Remission for Home & Garden Classes.

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