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Do you ever ask yourself questions like: "What is my purpose in life?" Why am I here?" What would give me the greatest sense of fulfillment?" Carl Jung believed that each person has a unique life myth: an underlying pattern orchestrating one's life; a blueprint behind life's winding path. If we only knew our own life myths, we could potentially have a source of wisdom and guidance to navigate our way through life. This would be particularly helpful with major decisions and life transitions.

Section Spring 1

Sat 1:30 PM ‐ 5:00 PM
Herb McDonald
CE South Building

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Is it true that a simple deck of Tarot cards can unravel life's many mysteries? Learn how Tarot cards can enrich your life, whether through their visual beauty, their representations of human archetypes, as a tool leading to greater self‐knowledge, or all of the above and more. Gain a basic understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana, as well as the four suits and their corresponding elements. Begin exploring the many tarot decks available – and their cards' varying interpretations – through this introductory course.

Section Spring 1

Sat 1:00 PM ‐ 4:00 PM
Lisa Tannenbaum
CE South Building

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Our precious ones, babies and toddlers, need to be handled with care when they feel ill. How can we safely and naturally care for their little bodies? Explore some useful remedies for common childhood ailments that are readily available in your pantry or garden. This information is valuable not only to the layperson but also to allied health professionals and herbalists.

38026 | TBA

FRESH LOOK - Holistic Health: Herbalism for Kids


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