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Mediation Training for Professionals

Negotiation and dispute-resolution skills are important keys to success in today’s work environments, whether negotiating with organizations or working through relationships with coworkers.

Start with 40 hours of basic mediation training to complete the certificate. Students who are interested in working at the entry level in mediation and conflict resolution. Students are introduced to effective communication skills, recognizing and responding to conflict and strategies for successful negotiation and avoiding pitfall in the combined 40 hours of training. Learn the process and application of communication skills, mediation and ethics of difficult situations. Students who successfully complete this 40-hour training certificate are eligible to mediate professionally at the entry level.

This program is designed for administrative and management professionals, career and life coaches, counselors and social workers, medical and legal professionals.

Professional Mediation Certificate

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Mastering mediation skills not only can provide benefits in your personal life, it can provide you with new career opportunities or advancement in your current role. In addition to resolving conflicts, mediation increases productivity, saves time and money, creates a safer workplace, and promotes a climate of collaboration. During the Mediation Certification course, you will engage in role playing sessions and observations to help you understand the interpersonal dynamics of mediation and get the skills needed to bring disputes to resolution. Plus, students who successfully complete this 40‐hour course earn a Mediation Certificate which is necessary to mediate in various programs and settings. If you want to learn mediation tactics or aspire to be a professional mediator, this course is the perfect place to start. Notes: This program is pre‐approved for 40 SHRM PDC's. Please use Activity ID: 15‐6EFXR Due to the nature of this program and the certificate requirements, it is stressed that you attend the full 40 hours of class. If necessary, you may miss up to 2 hours of pre‐approved (by the instructor) hours and still obtain the certification. However, you may be required to make the 2 hours up due to the requirements of the Mediation Certification. Make sure you sign‐in before each class to validate your attendance.

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22310 | $1,295

Mediation Certification - SPA‐PD

2/16/2019 - 3/30/2019
Sat 9:00 AM ‐ 4:45 PM(6 Session Total)
Continuing Education Staff
Anderson School of Management

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