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Digital Arts Advisement and Information

Learn More About Digital Arts at UNM

For More Information on Digital Arts at UNM Continuing Education, review the Digital Arts catalog, certificate flyers and our Digital Arts FAQs for answers to common questions. In addition, Digital Arts Information Sessions are offered three times a year on our campus.

Internships and Employment in Digital Arts

Completing an internship with a company or an established professional prior to entry-level employment is an important step in the door of employment. We recommend that students pursue an internship after completing the course 57101 Projects in Digital Arts. This course prepares you for job-seeking and employment. For information about typical companies and organizations that might hire someone trained in one or more Digital Arts disciplines, download the Digital Arts Internships/Employment Guide.

We also have a job book for current students and graduates.

Underage Students

We offer Digital Arts camps and classes for youth ages 9-17. See our Youth Programs for more information. Or, if you are age 12-17 and wish to attend our adult Digital Arts classes, contact the program supervisor for information.


If you have additional questions, would like to customize your curriculum, get help with your schedule or request a catalog, contact the program supervisor.

Caroline Orcutt
Digital Arts Program Supervisor