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Digital Arts Instructors

Our instructors are industry experts who enjoy teaching the concepts and skills that are part of their own daily work. Their knowledge of the latest tools and techniques allows them to accurately and effectively respond to your individual and business needs. In addition, our instructors provide valuable opportunities for networking and real-world experience. For more information about our instructors, please see the list below..

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Aaron BarrerasAaron Barreras received his BS in Animation from Westwood University. He is an award winning animator, designer, visual effects artist, filmmaker and educator. With over 16 years professional experience in computer graphics, animation and digital media, he has worked on numerous independent films, commercials and interactive projects for companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Six Flags and Sandia National Laboratories.

Upcoming Classes:

After Effects: Beginning (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/19/2018
Illustrator: Advanced (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/01/2018
Illustrator: Beginning (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/17/2018

Pat BerrettPat Berrett received an MBA from UNM Anderson Schools. Pat has worked in commercial photography since 1980. His primary client base includes those in the arts, crafts, and performing arts. He also works with many high tech and emerging technology clients.

Upcoming Classes:

Cell Phone Photography (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/15/2018

Jeff BrodyJeff Brody has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Jeff has over 25 years experience in information technology and software development. He currently owns his own consulting company specializing in application programming, website development and training for small businesses.

Upcoming Classes:

PHP and MySQL: Beginning (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/18/2018

Upcoming Classes:

Graphic Design II (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/14/2018

Thomas GaglianoTom Gagliano is a local graphic artist and illustrator with nearly 30 years of experience in drawing, illustration and design. He is published in internationally‐distributed science magazines and textbooks, and has adapted his hand illustration techniques to electronic format producing electronic illustrations and infographics since the mid 1990s. He currently works in the environmental industry as a Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Artist and Illustrator.

Upcoming Classes:

Digitizing Your Hand Drawings – infoByte (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/18/2018
Drawing to Illustration Basics (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/02/2018

Adele GangaiAdele Gangai received a BFA in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Adele has over 30 years of graphic design experience from working in advertising, newspaper, printing, animation and museum agencies. She has won several awards and was a contributor to the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service as a graphic developer. Adele owns and operates her own graphic design business.

Upcoming Classes:

Computer Graphics: Raster and Vector Art (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
Discover the Adobe Creative Suite (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/10/2018

Kevin GlasgowKevin Glasgow holds a BS in Graphic Design and Art Education from Eastern New Mexico University. Kevin has over 25 years experience as a graphic designer in both print and broadcast media. He currently works as creative director for a regional industrial supply company.

Upcoming Classes:

Logo Design (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/24/2018

Reinhard LorenzReinhard Lorenz is a Producer and Director who has been working in the film industry for 15 years. Among his work are Feature Documentaries, TV formats, Corporate Video and Media content for exhibitions and installations. The award-winning Feature Documentary Flamenco School on the Art of Flamenco Dance went to festivals worldwide. He is currently researching for a Documentary on education and learning.
As an accomplished instructor and educator, he has taught internationally in Germany, the US and South Africa. His teachings draw from his academic background as well as his expertise from the field.
He holds an MFA in Filmmaking from the University of the Arts in Berlin and an Associate degree in History from Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany.
For more information visit the company website First Eye Films LLC,

Upcoming Classes:

Photography with a Digital Camera I (Section SPC‐PD) ‐ 05/15/2018
History of Filmmaking (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/15/2018
Producing and Directing the Documentary (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/30/2018

Mary Ellen Merrigan received a BA in Speech with an emphasis in Radio/Television from Northwest Missouri State University. Mary Ellen is president of a local marketing business and develops successful D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) marketing strategies for a wide range of clients. Mary Ellen is certified in Social Media from VA Classroom and a graduate of's Social Media University.

Upcoming Classes:

Marketing with Social Media II (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/19/2018

Upcoming Classes:

Photoshop: Beginning (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/01/2018

Brad StoddardOwner of a local production and postproduction company, Brad Stoddard produces, directs and is a picture editor with awards and credits in television, documentary and narrative film. Brad is an Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro and President of the New Mexico Post Alliance.

Upcoming Classes:

Apple Certification Exam Session (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 04/27/2018
Final Cut Pro X: Professional Post Production (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
Apple Certification Exam Session (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/25/2018

Audrey Troche

Upcoming Classes:

Photoshop: Intermediate (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/24/2018
Marketing: An Army of One (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/08/2018

Upcoming Classes:

InDesign: Intermediate (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
InDesign: Advanced (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/09/2018

Zac Van Note received his BFA in Graphic Design from New Mexico State University. Zac has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, web development, marketing and communications. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including websites, mobile apps, user experience research, catalogs, magazines and tradeshow booths. He is currently a manager of User Experience (UX) Research and Design for a large government contractor.

Upcoming Classes:

Graphic Design I (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/01/2018

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