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UNM Tuition Remission for UNM faculty, staff & retirees

Use UNM’s tuition remission for ALL UNM Continuing Education non-credit classes. This includes Professional Development, Customized Training, Personal Enrichment, Online Classes, and Osher classes.

Tuition Remission for UNM Employees

Program Type Amount
Professional Development, Custom Training

Spring 20: $2,904.96 (Equivalent to 8 Credit Hours)
Summer 20: $1,452.48 (Equivalent to 4 Credit Hours)
Fall 20: $2,904.96 (Equivalent to 8 Credit Hours)

Personal Enrichment, Health & Fitness $1,089.36 (Equivalent to 3 Credit Hours Per Calendar Year)

How to Register

UNM Tuition Remission may be used for UNM Continuing Education classes. Some restrictions apply.

UNM staff and faculty may mail, fax, or scan and email a completed UNM Tuition Remission Form in lieu of payment. In some instances, a supervisor’s signature is required for use of Tuition Remission. 

UNM Retirees may call or come in to register for classes using the tuition remission benefit.

UNM Retirees

UNM Retirees will remain eligible for unlimited academic and Professional Development courses, subject to the provisions of University Policy 3700.

Note: UNM Retirees may register for UNM Continuing Education classes by phone or in person. Please call 505-277-0077 or visit our registration office at 1634 University Blvd. NE.

Spouses, domestic partners & dependent children

Spouses, domestic partners and dependent children are not eligible for tuition remission for any non-credit courses at UNM.

Contact for questions

For questions regarding the UNM tuition remission benefit, call the benefits office at (505) 277-6947 or visit their website.