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Featured Image - Cartography Basics: Get Started with a GIS Certificate

Cartography Basics: Get Started with a GIS Certificate

Learn basic principles of map design and map reading. Explore issues such as scale, coordinate reference systems, projections, datums, symbology, labeling conventions, and magnetic declination. Learn the elements of USGS maps, as well as, digital map elements and systems. Discuss remote sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Class Begins 2/9/16

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Featured Image - Winter Camps & Classes for Kids

Winter Camps & Classes for Kids

UNMCE Youth Classes for ages 5-17 are created specifically by age group so children’s development and interests are nurtured appropriately. We offer teen classes that include job skill training and career exploration opportunities. Partnerships with UNM departments, local educational businesses, and other universities allow us to offer classes in a variety of state of the art settings in addition to our facilities at Continuing Education.

Spring Break Camps & Classes are now open for registration.

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Featured Image - Classes for Your Health

Classes for Your Health

Health and Fitness classes at UNM Continuing Education help you open the door to better health. Our well-trained instructors have experience working with people of all ages and physical ability. We offer classes in a variety of exercise and fitness topics including, yoga, Pilates, dance, swimming, weight lifting, and more. Whether you are looking to drop pounds, or work on strength training, we offer classes that will fit your needs.

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Featured Image - Experience the Art and Culture of Cuba

Experience the Art and Culture of Cuba

Join the University of New Mexico’s Division of Continuing Education and Latin American and Iberian Institute and discover the arts and culture of Cuba. Visit with artists, visionaries, and historians, and explore the ideas that have helped mold Cuban culture.

Trip Dates: May 3-10, 2016 | Join Us for a Free Info Session: February 3, 2016

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Let's go to Cuba!

Paint Brushes

Art Classes for All Levels

Challenge yourself and expand your skills with Art Classes at UNM Continuing Education. There's something for everyone! Take advantage of the opportunity to associate with others with like interests and learn new skills in a laid-back atmosphere. No matter if you’re just a beginner or a long time artist, our experienced instructors will work with you to maximize your skills. We offer classes and instruction for all levels of experience.

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Using Succession Planning as an Exit Strategy

The Exit Strategies Series offers five fact-filled sessions designed to give you information on everything you need to know before deciding on when and how to buy or sell your business or engage in succession planning. Gather a wealth of information form the experts in each two-hour session.

  • Circumstances which dictate succession as the best exit strategy
  • Succession transactions that are win/wins for owners and successors
  • Determination if a business can pursue succession as an exit strategy
  • Designing a progressive process for implementation

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girl taking a class online

Learning at Your Pace

Online classes are a convenient way to get the training you need to advance your career, gain a new skill, or learn more about a subject that interests you. We have partnered with some of the industry leaders in online education to provide you with affordable online classes.

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