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Featured Image - Improve Your Supervisory Skills

Improve Your Supervisory Skills

Implement change and work with personnel to propel your organization towards the future! Learn the skills necessary for effective supervision. Understand the laws and principles governing employment today, while developing the people skills needed to direct and motivate your work group. Our instructors offer you the benefits of experience gained from careers in business and non-profit and government agencies, and their achievements in professional certifications.

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Featured Image - Crafts & Hobby Classes

Crafts & Hobby Classes

Try a Crafts & Hobbies class with us and to learn how to make your own keepsake item. Through hands on learning from our professional instructors you will develop the basic skills to create your own home-made treasures. Our affordable classes provide a lifetime of rewarding hobbies. Sewing, quilting, basket weaving, stained glass and jewelry making are just a few examples of the things you can learn to make with us. Each course is designed to teach you a skill that you can develop so you can learn to make unique crafts that will impress.

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Featured Image - Sustainable Energy - Careers in High Demand

Sustainable Energy - Careers in High Demand

Get an online certificate in sustainable energy, and take advantage of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Training areas include solar, wind, natural gas, and biofuel. The class is completed entirely online, making it convenient for someone trying to start a new career, or update their skills.

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Featured Image - Online Classes and Certificate Programs

Online Classes and Certificate Programs

Online classes are a convenient way to learn new skills, advance your career, or continue your education. We offer classes in a wide range of topics, so there's something for every career path.

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woman working out on a rowing machine

Let's Get in Shape!

Looking for extra motivation to get in shape this fall? We offer classes that can help you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. We have classes in dance fitness, strength training, cardio and swimming. These classes are designed for skill levels from beginner to advanced, to provide the appropriate training.

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Summer Camps Robot

Summer Break Doesn't Have to be Boring

There's something for every kid to enjoy in our youth summer camp lineup. Minecraft, LEGOs, robots and sports are just some of the fun topics we will be exploring this summer. Our camps are a great opportunity for kids and teens, ages 5-17, to learn something new, build something cool and create fun memories with new friends.

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Marketing with Social Media

New Online Class from UNMCE

Expand awareness for your business or job search by combining traditional and social media. Learn tactics for: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, plus social bookmarking, blogs, YouTube and many other options that add exposure to your website, and take charge of your Internet reputation.

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