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Meet the UNM Continuing Education Instructors

UNM Continuing Education offers education and training from the most talented, experienced and dedicated instructors! UNM Continuing Education has many outstanding instructors, and just like our students, a love for learning brings them here.

Rav Nicholson UNMCE InstructorRav Nicholson retired from government service at the end of 2006 and began teaching MS Office applications and introductory computer courses shortly thereafter. Prior to her retirement, Ms. Nicholson worked for 30 years in counseling and dispute resolution. She relied heavily upon Access and Excel to manage client data and served for several years as an Access instructor and consultant. Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in sociology, magna cum laude; a master's degree in counseling psychology; and an education specialist degree in counseling and human systems. After completing her professional education in the counseling field, Ms. Nicholson earned the equivalent of a computer science minor in university‐level courses. She has also completed non‐credit technical training in computer hardware and software applications and is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Her leisure activities include skiing, tennis, biking, swimming, running, skating, hiking, foreign languages, photography, reading, and playing the piano. She participates regularly in local foreign language conversation groups and is a Forest Service trail maintenance volunteer.

Upcoming Classes:

MS Office Essentials ‐ Live Online (Section Spring 1) ‐ 7/21/20

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Upcoming Classes:

Real Estate Law ‐ Live Online (Section Summer 1) ‐ 7/13/20
Real Estate Principles and Practice ‐ Live Online (Section Summer 1) ‐ 7/27/20
Broker Basics ‐ Live Online (Section Fall 1) ‐ 8/10/20

Gilbert C. Baca Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Global One Defense, LLC. He has extensive military and law enforcement experience, combined with advanced martial arts skill and certification as a trainer for police and military organizations that he brings to his educational programs. View his full bio here:

Upcoming Classes:

Active Shooter Training (Section Spring 1) ‐ 9/18/20

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