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Meet the UNM Continuing Education Instructors

UNM Continuing Education offers education and training from the most talented, experienced and dedicated instructors! UNM Continuing Education has many outstanding instructors, and just like our students, a love for learning brings them here.

Business & Technology

Business Skills Instructors

Instructor Name
Maralie BeLonge

Program Supervisor, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of New Mexico

Upcoming Classes:

Building a Successful Program (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/13/17

Marianela Gish

Marianela (Mari) Gish is a professional mediator and nationally known trainer. Mari has worked with nonprofits for 17 years, working with recruiting, training and managing volunteers. She served on numerous boards; including the New Mexico Mediation Association and has won numerous awards for her conflict resolution and mediation programs. She is a graduate of Getting to the Heart of Conflict and also The Master Class for Mediators, Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative, Harvard School of Law. She has presented at the Conflict Resolution Education Network International Conference and has taught Restorative Justice at the University of New Mexico School of Law. She has trained thousands of students, teachers, and professionals in mediation and conflict resolution both nationally and internationally. Mari is recognized as a leader in the field of mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. Recently she was appointed a second term as one of two private ADR practitioners serving on The New Mexico Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.

Upcoming Classes:

Professional Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialist (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/16/16
Recruitment, Skill Assessment and Training (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/17/17
Managing and Motivating Your Volunteers (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/8/17

Institute Lovegevity/Wedding Planning

This partnership bio is currently being updated.

Upcoming Classes:

Corporate Event Planning (S.M.A.R.T.) - Online (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Certified Wedding and Event Planner - Online (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16

Career Training Instructors

Instructor Name
Jenna Crabb, PhD

Jenna has over 20 years of higher education experience both in residence life and career development. Jenna likes to say she is a "product of UNM" as she has all her degrees from UNM. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Criminology; she has a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. Jenna is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), a Global Career Development Facilitator and instructor (GCDF) and a licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor for NM (LPC). Jenna is also an adjunct faculty member at UNM. Jenna currently teaches the GCDF certification course.

Upcoming Classes:

Global Career Development Facilitator Training-Hybrid (Section WIA) ‐ 1/23/17

Computers/ IT Instructors

Instructor Name
Chris Bandy

Chris Bandy is a Network Engineer for New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union. He has over ten years of experience in complex network and server management. He graduated summa cum laude from Eastern New Mexico University in 1995 with bachelor's degree in Mathematics and with his teaching endorsement. He has over ten years of classroom experience at the high school level and over five years of classroom experience at the college level. He currently supports a complex network environment where he is responsible for, among other things, over 100 servers, 70+ VMWare EXS virtual servers, 80+ Terabytes of storage on various SAN environments, a full DFS structure on 17+ NAS devices, and a full WAN environment supporting 17 branch offices with all Cisco routing and switching equipment including 6509 and Nexus core switching.

Upcoming Classes:

Server Administration Concepts (Server +) (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/8/17

Gathen Garcia

Gathen GarciaGathen Garcia is a native (fourth generation) New Mexican born and raised in Albuquerque. He has been employed at PNM for the past 33 years, currently as the Manager of Drafting & Geographic Information Systems Department (DGIS). He is responsible for managing all GIS, CAD, and 3D Visualization support for electric transmission & distribution at PNM. He is also responsible for all AutoCAD customization. For the past 24 years, he has also been teaching beginning through advanced AutoCAD and 3D modeling & SketchUP through Continuing Education. He has been using AutoCAD since release 2.x which was introduced in 1984. He has trademarked and patented two software applications that have been sold and are being marketed to the global utility industry. His group has received geospatial awards from GITA and ESRI. He is a past board member of the New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC), a member of the Central New Mexico College GIS Advisory Committee, and a member of the Albuquerque Public Schools CAD Advisory committee. He first got involved with GIS in 1997 while managing the CAD Department for PNM. His involvement with GIS has primarily been in the Utility Industry.

Upcoming Classes:

AutoCAD: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/6/17
AutoCAD: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/1/17
AutoCAD: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
AutoCAD: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/19/17

Ralph Keeton

This instructor bio is currently being updated.

Upcoming Classes:

Essentials of Hardware and Operating Systems (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/17/17
Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/14/17
Network Support (Network+) (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/14/17
Security+ (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/11/17

Kurt Menke

Kurt Menke is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) who has been working in the field for 14 years. He received a Masters degree (MA) in Geography from the University of New Mexico in 2000. That same year he founded Bird's Eye View to apply his expertise with GIS technology towards the world's mounting ecological and social problems. Towards this end, Mr. Menke focuses largely on conservation. With Bird's Eye View he has worked for dozens of federal, state and municipal agencies, and non-government organizations. He is proficient in the use of both ESRI and open source software, and the creation, analysis, modeling, and display of spatial data. Mr. Menke has served on the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC) and is a past President. He is currently President of the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council. He teaches GIS at UNM and other schools, and is a member of the Society for Conservation GIS.

Upcoming Classes:

Geographic Information Systems: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/28/17
Cartography Basics (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/7/17
Geographic Information Systems: Intermediate (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/28/17
QGIS: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/11/17
Geographic Information Systems: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/25/17
QGIS: Intermediate (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/9/17

Rav Nicholson

Rav NicholsonRav Nicholson retired from government service at the end of 2006, and began teaching Desktop Computing courses shortly thereafter. Prior to her retirement, Ms. Nicholson worked for 30 years in counseling and dispute resolution. She relied heavily upon Access and Excel to manage client data, and served for several years as an Access instructor and consultant. Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in sociology, magna cum laude; a master's degree in counseling psychology; and an education specialist degree in counseling and human systems. After completing her professional education in the counseling field, Ms. Nicholson earned the equivalent of a computer science minor in university-level courses. She has also completed non-credit technical training in computer hardware and software applications, and is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Her leisure activities include skiing, tennis, biking, swimming, running, skating, hiking, foreign languages, photography, reading, and playing the piano. She participates regularly in local foreign language conversation groups, and is a Forest Service trail maintenance volunteer.

Upcoming Classes:

Access: Expert (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/13/16

Glenn Norman

Glenn NormanMA in English, University of New Mexico. Glenn is a Linux, Unix and Windows network consultant and programmer with 20 years experience in the medical, education and environmental fields. A member of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), he is the Project Manager for Hacker Highschool v.2 and a contributor to the OSSTMM "hacker's handbook."

Upcoming Classes:

Security+ (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/30/17
Essentials of Hardware and Operating Systems (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/12/17
Network Support (Network+) (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/8/17

. Propoint Solutions

Jim Bolton is the president and founder of Propoint Solutions Inc. Incorporated in 2004, Propoint is a team of seasoned ITIL Experts who are focused on delivering excellence in IT Service Management, Consulting, Training, and Certification. Jim has extensive experience in diagnosing and solving complex organizational, process, and technical challenges. Jim's leadership and knowledge of industry best practice have brought IT service excellence to numerous venues including: Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal, State and Local Government, and Manufacturing. Jim is a Service Management Consultant, ITIL/ITSM trainer, author, and speaker at conferences around the world on IT Service Management topics. Jim is a member of the HDI Strategic Advisory Board, the HDI Faculty, itSMF, and ISACA. He is an EXIN Accredited ITIL Trainer, an EXIN Accredited Courseware Provider, and has developed and delivered numerous ITIL and Service Management based courses. Jim holds an MBA in Technology Management, the ITIL v3 Expert Certificate, ITIL v2 Manager Certificate in IT Service Management, ITIL Practitioner's Certificates for Support and Restore (IPSR), Agree and Define (IPAD), the ITIL V3 Certificates for Operational Support and Analysis (OSA), Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA), the itSMF ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Certificate, and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE).

Upcoming Classes:

ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification Course (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/20/17
ITIL® Foundation (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/11/17

Digital Arts Instructors

Instructor Name
Chase Allard

Chase Allard holds an MA from UNM in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology and a BA from UNM in Media Arts. He currently works as a Manager of Instructional Technology in the healthcare industry utilizing audio/video recording and editing, website development and eLearning development tools. He has over eight years of experience in training Apple software, Instructional Design and Instructional Technology.

Upcoming Classes:

Creating and Maintaining a Website (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/31/17
Navigating the iPad (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/18/17
eLearning Production (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/16/17
HTML and CSS: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
Navigating the iPad (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/19/17
Mac OS X: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/22/17
Mac for New Computer Users (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/8/17
Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/2/17

Aaron Barreras

Aaron BarrerasAaron Barreras received his BS in Animation from Westwood University. He is an award winning animator, designer, visual effects artist, filmmaker and educator. With over 16 years professional experience in computer graphics, animation and digital media, he has worked on numerous independent films, commercials and interactive projects for companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Six Flags and Sandia National Laboratories.

Upcoming Classes:

Lab Check (Section WIB) ‐ 1/10/17
Lab Check (Section WIA) ‐ 1/9/17
Photoshop: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/28/17
Photoshop: Beginning (Section WIB-PD) ‐ 2/7/17
Drawing with Photoshop (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/14/17
Python for Beginners (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/30/17
Photoshop: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/20/17
Photoshop: Expert (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/2/17
Lab Check (Section SPA) ‐ 5/30/17
Lab Check (Section SPB) ‐ 5/31/17

Joey Belville

Joey BelvilleJoey Belville is an award-winning music producer who has many national releases to his credit, several of them recorded in Logic Pro. He was an early adopter of computer based audio recording and has been using it on a professional level for over 10 years. Joey is an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro.

Upcoming Classes:

Digital Audio I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/1/17
Digital Audio II (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/1/17
Digital Audio I (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/29/17
Logic Pro X 10.1: Professional Music Production (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/1/17

Pat Berrett

Pat BerrettPat Berrett received an MBA from UNM Anderson Schools. Pat has worked in commercial photography since 1980. His primary client base includes those in the arts, crafts, and performing arts. He also works with many high tech and emerging technology clients.

Upcoming Classes:

Photography with a Digital Camera I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/24/17
Digital Photography Basics (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/30/17
Photography with a Digital Camera II (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/21/17
Cell Phone Photography (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/4/17
Photography Composition (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/13/17
Photographing People (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/14/17
Digital Photography Basics (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/1/17
Cell Phone Photography (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/17/17
Sports and Action Photography (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/18/17
Portfolios for Photographers and Designers (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/4/17
Digital Cameras: Buying the Right Camera (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/6/17
Photography with a Digital Camera - Online (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/9/17

Jeff Brody

Jeff BrodyJeff Brody has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Jeff has over 25 years experience in information technology and software development. He currently owns his own consulting company specializing in application programming, website development and training for small businesses.

Upcoming Classes:

HTML and CSS: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/13/17
HTML and CSS: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/15/17
JavaScript Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/19/17
PHP and MySQL: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/15/17

Sonja Dewing

DA, Custom Training Instructor

Upcoming Classes:

Acrobat Pro: Working with PDFs (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/13/17
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 4/26/17
Web Analytics with Google (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/5/17

Mary Elkins

Mary ElkinsMary Elkins has a BA in mathematics and an AA in commercial photography. A lifelong fan of cameras and lighting gear, Mary has mastered the most complicated style of imagery

Upcoming Classes:

Photoshop Elements: For the Digital Photographer (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/22/17
Lightroom: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/2/17
Using Natural Light in Digital Photography (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
Photoshop: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/28/17
From Camera to Computer (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/4/17
Scanning and Digitizing Photos (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/6/17
Photography with a Digital Camera I (Section SPB-PD) ‐ 5/1/17
Lightroom and Photoshop: Photo Finishing Techniques (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/11/17

Thomas Gagliano

This instructor bio is currently being updated.

Upcoming Classes:

Illustrator: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/1/17
Illustrator: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/6/17
Illustrator: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/17/17
Illustrator: Expert (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/10/17

Adele Gangai

Adele GangaiAdele Gangai received a BFA in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Adele has over 30 years of graphic design experience from working in advertising, newspaper, printing, animation and museum agencies. She has won several awards and was a contributor to the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service as a graphic developer. Adele owns and operates her own graphic design business.

Upcoming Classes:

Discover the Adobe Creative Suite (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/11/17
InDesign: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/13/17
Color Theory in Digital Media (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/27/17
InDesign: Online Portfolios (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/20/17
Computer Graphics: Raster and Vector Art (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
InDesign: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/6/17
Illustrator: Intermediate (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/10/17
Create a Flyer with InDesign (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/22/17

Adele Gangai

Adele GangaiAdele Gangai received her BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Adele has over 18 years of experience working for animation studios, advertising agencies, and newspapers. Adele works at a local science center as a graphic designer/marketing developer and also runs her own graphic design business.

Upcoming Classes:

Digital Prepress (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/24/17

Adele Gangai

Adele GangaiAdele Gangai received a BFA in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Adele has over 30 years of graphic design experience from working in advertising, newspaper, printing, animation and museum agencies. She has won several awards and was a contributor to the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service as a graphic developer. Adele owns and operates her own graphic design business.

Upcoming Classes:

Illustrator: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/3/17
InDesign: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/1/17
InDesign: Expert (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/15/17

Kevin Glasgow

Kevin GlasgowKevin Glasgow holds a BS in Graphic Design and Art Education from Eastern New Mexico University. Kevin has over 25 years experience as a graphic designer in both print and broadcast media. He currently works as creative director for a regional industrial supply company.

Upcoming Classes:

History of Graphic Design (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/30/17
Logo Design (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/11/17

Donny Hornstein

Donny HornsteinDonny Hornstein is an Apple Certified Trainer and Apple Certified Systems Administrator with more than twenty years experience in information systems. His specialties include deployment and troubleshooting problems with Apple Macintosh systems particularly in mixed computing environments.

Upcoming Classes:

El Capitan 101: OS X Support Essentials 10.11 (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/14/17

Gavin Leach

This instructor profile is currently being updated.

Upcoming Classes:

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/18/17

Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez received his BS in Elementary Education and his MA in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology at UNM. Joshua has worked for UNM in several IT capacities since 2008. Joshua has over 10 years experience working in the IT Field on User and Hardware support as well as the Systems Administration level.

Upcoming Classes:

Mac OS X: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/20/17
Mac for New Computer Users (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/6/17
Mac Maintenance and Support (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/1/17
Captivate: Building Instructional Media (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
Mac OS X Security for Home and Business (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/6/17

Mary Ellen Merrigan

Mary Ellen Merrigan received a BA in Speech with an emphasis in Radio/Television from Northwest Missouri State University. Mary Ellen is president of a local marketing business and develops successful D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) marketing strategies for a wide range of clients. Mary Ellen is certified in Social Media from VA Classroom and a graduate of's Social Media University.

Upcoming Classes:

Marketing with Social Media I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/22/17
Self Promotion for Artists (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/15/17
Marketing with Social Media I - Online (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/5/17
Social Media: Marketing Trends (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/24/17

Barak Naggan

Barak NagganBarak Naggan has been an award-winning adventure videographer/editor and stills photographer since 1995. Barak has traveled around the world shooting documentaries, worked as a cinematographer on short and feature films, and was the primary videographer for an aerial photography company. Barak has shot and edited video for the European National Geographic Channel.

Upcoming Classes:

Photography with a Digital Camera I (Section WIB-PD) ‐ 2/13/17
Digital Videography I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/2/17
Digital Videography II (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/4/17

Glenn Norman

Glenn NormanMA in English, University of New Mexico. Glenn is a Linux, Unix and Windows network consultant and programmer with 20 years experience in the medical, education and environmental fields. A member of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), he is the Project Manager for Hacker Highschool v.2 and a contributor to the OSSTMM "hacker's handbook."

Upcoming Classes:

Security for the Web (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/13/17

Dan Noyes

Dan NoyesDan Noyes holds a BFA from UNM with an emphasis in Photography. Dan has worked in printmaking for over 10 years. His artwork has been exhibited in the US and Canada and has been published in several publications, including Inquiring Mind and Remembering 9/11 Through the Eyes of a Printmaker. He has completed Public Art Commissions for the City of Albuquerque and Urban Forest.

Upcoming Classes:

Web Design: Create an Online Gallery (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/10/17

Chris Paul

Chris Paul has a BA in Music from The Evergreen State College. Chris has shot and edited commercials, corporate video and documentaries for Motorola, Sandia National Labs, Peabody Energy, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and many more. He was an early adopter of nonlinear editing and has since expanded his experience to include visual effects, 3D animation and digital cinematography.

Upcoming Classes:

Premiere Pro: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/2/17
After Effects: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/11/17

Robert Reck

Robert ReckRobert Reck has an MA in Fine Art from UNM with an emphasis in Photography and a minor in Art History. Robert is an internationally recognized architectural, interior design, and hospitality photographer with numerous books to his credit. He has held a staff photographer position with Architectural Digest for over 25 years, and currently serves as a board member of the NM chapter of ASMP.

Upcoming Classes:

Architectural Photography (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/3/17

Brad Stoddard

Brad StoddardOwner of a local production and postproduction company, Brad Stoddard produces, directs and is a picture editor with awards and credits in television, documentary and narrative film. Brad is an Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro and President of the New Mexico Post Alliance.

Upcoming Classes:

Apple Certification Exam Session (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/20/17
Final Cut Pro X: Professional Post Production (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/13/17
Apple Certification Exam Session (Section WIB-PD) ‐ 2/17/17
Apple Certification Exam Session (Section WIC-PD) ‐ 3/17/17
Final Cut Pro X: Professional Post Production (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/10/17
Apple Certification Exam Session (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/14/17
Apple Certification Exam Session (Section SPB-PD) ‐ 5/19/17
Final Cut Pro: Advanced (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/9/17

Lisa Tannenbaum

Lisa TannenbaumLisa Tannebaum holds a Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory of Music. An award-winning natural light digital photographer, Lisa owns and operates an online photography business. In addition, she has worked as a freelance web designer, specializing in search engine optimization and the arts, since 1998.

Upcoming Classes:

Photography with a Digital Camera I (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/21/17

Zac Van Note

Zac Van NoteZac Van Note received his BFA in Graphic Design from New Mexico State University. Zac has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, web development, marketing and communications. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including websites, mobile apps, user experience research, catalogs, magazines and tradeshow booths. He is currently a manager of User Experience (UX) Research and Design for a large government contractor.

Upcoming Classes:

Photoshop: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/26/17
Search Engine Optimization (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/13/16
User Experience (UX) Research and Design (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/21/17
Color Calibration for Photographers and Designers (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/28/17
Graphic Design I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/2/17
Photoshop: Intermediate (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/11/17
Graphic Design II (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/20/17

Denise Weaver Ross

Denise received her MFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Denise has been a graphic designer and artist for over 30 years. She has designed everything from advertisements to books, brochures, flyers, manuals, posters, signs, and websites and owns her own graphic design business. She is also a published poet and exhibits regularly as a fine artist.

Upcoming Classes:

Computer Graphics: Raster and Vector Art (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/17/17
Web Design: Getting Started (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/4/17
Dreamweaver: Beginning (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/7/17
Web Design: Using WordPress (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/11/17
Dreamweaver: Intermediate (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/16/17
InDesign: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 3/27/17
WordPress--infoByte (Section WIA) ‐ 3/6/17
Web Design: Getting Started (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/1/17
Creating and Maintaining a Website (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/10/17
InDesign: Intermediate (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/20/17
WordPress: Beginning (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/3/17

Health and Wellness Professions Instructors

Instructor Name
Jennifer Cady

Jennifer Cady, MA, LPCC, LADAC has been on the faculty of the Substance Abuse Studies Training Program since 2000. She received her B.S. from Ohio University in Community Health Education and shortly thereafter a M.A. in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling from Case Western Reserve University & Ashland Theological Seminary. Her work includes Case Manager/Resident Advisor in Ohio and New Mexico, Mental Health Worker and UNM CASAA Counselor, Family Services Specialist and Clinical Coordinator for both adolescents and adults needing psycho social assessment, treatment planning, group and individual therapy to patients. Jennifer received her M.A. in counseling psychology in 1989 and is currently completing her doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is actively involved with the New Mexico Addiction Education Network to help those entering this field become educated. Jennifer goes the extra mile with joy to guide those with a passion for this challenging but satisfying work.

Upcoming Classes:

How to Become an Addiction Counselor in New Mexico (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/18/17
Working with Adolescents: Treatment and Prevention (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/25/17
Evidence-Based Treatment (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/22/17

Lupe Chavez

Ms. Chavez has been employed in the Health Care Industry for over 28 years. Her experience ranges from coding and billing to compliance and education. She received her CPC (certified professional coder) certification in 1991 and her CPC-H (certified professional coder-hospital) certification in 1998 from the American Academy of Professional Coders. In 1998, Ms. Chavez is credited for initiating the Albuquerque AAPC Chapter in which she served as chapter president for 2 years. In 2007, Ms. Chavez received her CCP-P (certified compliance professional-physician) certification from the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and her CMAS (certified medical administrative specialist) from the American Medical Technologists. Ms. Chavez was the co-founder of Medical Academy Services LLC and in 2008 became the sole founder of New Mexico HealthCare Consulting Services LLC.

Upcoming Classes:

Medical Billing and Healthcare Specialist (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/18/17

Michael DeBernardi, PsyD

Michael DeBernardi, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and Director of Behavioral Health Services at The Life Link in Santa Fe. He received degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and has worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse settings. A clinician, supervisor, researcher, teacher, and consultant, Dr. DeBernardi also serves on the Board of Advisors for the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists and has conducted a variety of CBT trainings around the country. His agency, The Life Link, is a major provider of mental health, substance abuse, case management, housing, employment, and a variety of other services for homeless and indigent clients in the Santa Fe area.

Upcoming Classes:

Clinical Supervision (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/8/17

. Health Ed Today

This instructor bio is currently being updated.

Upcoming Classes:

Dental Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Electronic Health Records Management (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Medical Administrative Assistant (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Medical Billing and Coding + MAA (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Pharmacy Technician with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Phlebotomy Technician with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Clinical Medical Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Dialysis Technician (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
EKG Technician (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Medical Billing and Coding (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Pharmacy Technician + MAA with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Physician's Office Assistant + EHRM with Clinical Externship (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16
Certified Professional Healthcare Compliance Officer (Section FAA-PD) ‐ 12/31/16

Frank Magourilos, MPS, CPS, ICPS

Frank G. Magourilos, MPS, CPS, ICPS is a Sr. Certified Prevention Specialist and a SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework National Trainer. Mr. Magourilos holds a Master's Degree in Prevention Science from Oklahoma University and Bachelor's Degrees in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico. He is a Prevention Consultant and Evaluator for several New Mexico Counties DWI Programs, including the Bernalillo County Department of Substance Abuse Programs. Mr. Magourilos is also the Executive Director of the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, and the founder of the New Mexico Prevention Network, Mr. Magourilos is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oklahoma where he develops Prevention Science classes for Oklahoma's University Master of Prevention Science Program. Mr. Magourilos also sits on the National Board of Directors for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Upcoming Classes:

Prevention and Education (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/11/17

Vickie McGinley, DBH, LPCC, LADAC

Dr. Vickie McGinley, DBH, LPCC, has been working in substance abuse and mental health for over 23 years. She has worked with homeless, homeless youth, criminal justice, and domestic violence clients during that time. For seven years, she worked at UNM/CASAA and is a veteran of several clinical trials with CRA, A-CRA CRAFT and MI protocols, including COMBINE (Combining Medications and Behavioral Interventions), ESTAR (Expanding Services to Albuquerque's Runaways), and OTEP (Opiate Treatment Enhancement Project). She has been teaching evidence based treatments for addictions at SASTP for the past 14 years. Recently she was working in Juvenile Justice and is a statewide coordinator of substance abuse treatment services, training staff in CRA and MI and is now at UNMH as a therapist. She received a Doctor of Behavioral Health Degree from Arizona State in 2014.

Upcoming Classes:

Community Reinforcement Approach (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/28/17
Group Therapies (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/25/17

Bob Phillips

Robert O. Phillips, D.BH, LADAC, LMSW Dr. Bob Phillips is a terrestrial from Roswell, New Mexico and is Coordinator of Human Services and Addiction Studies at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell. With 35 years of experience, Bob serves as clinician, educator, trainer, and consultant in the fields of addictions treatment and the integration of behavioral health into primary medical care. His research interests include program evaluation, youth risk and resiliency, and occupational health including risk and protective factors for burnout and compassion fatigue. In addition, he has served and led the human service professions at local, state, and national levels and organizations, including the New Mexico Addictions Education Network; the International Coalition of Substance Abuse Educators; and the National Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health.

Upcoming Classes:

Biological Aspects of Substance Abuse (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 2/11/17

Robert Tanner, M.A., MPA, Ph.D., LMFT

Robert M. Tanner, M.A., MPA, Ph.D., LMFT is the coordinator of the counseling and human development department at Albuquerque Academy. He has a myriad of experiences in mental health that spans a 30-year period, including independent schools, inpatient and outpatient services, and addictions/dual diagnosis treatment. He has also taught counseling and psychology courses at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level. Bob is a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team and has been deployed on a number of national disasters. He has worked with families of victims lost in the World Trade Center, and more recently, with victims of Hurricane Katrina. In recognition of Bob's many volunteer disaster preparedness and response activities with the American Red Cross, the New Mexico Psychological Association in 2009 appointed him to lead its Disaster Response Network program. Bob holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Michigan State University, a master's degree in counseling from the University of New Mexico, a master's degree in public health administration, also from UNM, and master's and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the Fielding Institute.

Upcoming Classes:

Working with Family Members (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 5/6/17

Personal Enrichment

Growth and Enrichment Instructors

Instructor Name
Cristina Baccin

Italian Instructor, Growth & Enrichment Programs.

Upcoming Classes:

Italian IV (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/17/17
Giocare con la Letteratrua: Let's Play with Italian Literature (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 1/18/17
Italian: Beginning I (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 3/7/17
Italian: Beginning II (Section SPA-PD) ‐ 4/25/17
Italian: Intermediate Conversation (Section WIA-PD) ‐ 4/26/17

Evelyn Sunny Birklund

Sunny Birklund is an artist, teacher, puppeteer, historian, author and travel guide. Sunny has taught Travel Sketching and Journaling and a variety of art classes for University of New Mexico Continuing Education in Albuquerque, New Mexico for many years. She earned her degree from UNM in 1986 specializing in Art Education and Recreation Management. She has published two books about her puppetry "Puppet Animal Kingdom" and "Puppets & Dolls of the Southwest". Sunny is the artistic director and owner of Sunny's Puppet Playhouse and co-owner of Three Hour Tours, LLC, a local travel business. She is the Giant Puppet Parade coordinator for Offcenter Communty Arts annual Folk Art Festival in September. She travels and teaches art workshops for communities around the US. She has shown her artwork at Weems Artfest, NM Arts & Crafts Fair and in many galleries around the country. For photos and current engagements go to www.facebook/SunnyBirklund

Upcoming Classes:

Automata and Steampunk Sculpture (Section FAA-PE) ‐ 12/10/16

Joan Gonwa


Upcoming Classes:

RelaXercise: Stretch, Strength and Total Fitness (Section SUA-HF) ‐ 6/6/17
Modern Dance Techniques for Fitness (Section SUA-HF) ‐ 6/7/17

Stephen Poland

Steve Poland has a passionate interest in the area of happiness and well-being. He has been greatly influenced by the science of positive psychology with its focus on human strengths rather than human weakness. As a New Mexican, he is committed to bringing these insights to our state. His presentations on happiness and well-being at the New Mexico Psychological Association and the New Mexico Conference on Aging have been well received. For many years he's taught a class on happiness offered through the Division of Continuing Education at the University of New Mexico. In 2012 he presented in a workshop on promoting personal happiness at the first-ever Seattle Happiness Conference. Steve has his PhD in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and he is licensed as a psychologist in New Mexico.

Upcoming Classes:

04345 Diving Deeper: Mastering the Five Pools of Happiness, Section RAA (Section WIA-PE) ‐ 2/28/17


Osher Instructors

Instructor Name
Roberta Boggess

Roberta BoggessRoberta Boggess is on the Leadership Council of the OLLI at the University of New Mexico. She is an active volunteer, participating in membership drives and any necessary events from baking cakes to making presidential decisions. Roberta has a B.A. in literature and an M.A. in linguistics. She taught writing and literature in Albuquerque Public Schools for 31 years. "Bobbie" has received several teaching awards including the Chamber of Commerce's Blue Ribbon Teacher of the Year in 1990 and 1998. An informed and animated teacher, she loves explaining "the story behind the story" to make literature and history come alive. Ms. Boggess has taught the following courses for the Osher program: Beowulf, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, The Plague, Why Do We Say That? John Donne was a Rock Star, and Theatre from the Greeks to Shakespeare.

Upcoming Classes:

Secrets of World War II (Section FAA) ‐ 12/14/16
Greek + Latin = English! Who Knew? (Section FAA) ‐ 12/15/16
The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen - 1945 (Section FAA) ‐ 12/16/16

Angelo Cervantes

Angel Cervantes is an avid genealogical researcher and has done historical and genealogical research in the Archivos of Chihuahua, Colima, Jalisco and Zacatecas, Mexico. He worked as a NM State Archivist in Santa Fe in 2001.

Upcoming Classes:

Bible Battles (Joshua to Saul) (Section WIN) ‐ 1/13/17
Colony of La Nueva México (1598-1848) (Section WIN) ‐ 1/20/17
The Battles of King David (Section WIN) ‐ 1/27/17
Bible Battles (Abraham to Joshua) (Section FAA) ‐ 12/16/16
Anthropological Genetic History: The Romanovs and Catherine the Great (Section WIN) ‐ 2/10/17
Villa de Albuquerque (1706-1821) (Section WIN) ‐ 2/17/17
The San Patricios and the Mexican-American War (Section WIN) ‐ 3/17/17
Castas, DNA and Identity (Section WIN) ‐ 3/3/17
The American Conquest of California: John C. Fremont (Section SPA) ‐ 4/14/17
Anthropological Genetic Genealogy: The New Mexico DNA Project (Section SPA) ‐ 4/7/17
Anthropological Genetic History: The Basque Connection to New Mexican Families (Haplogroup R1b1) (Section SPA) ‐ 5/19/17
The Spanish Founding of Florida and the Spanish Jesuit Massacre of Ajacán (Modern day Virginia) (Section SPA) ‐ 5/26/17
The Search for the Lost Tribes (Section SPA) ‐ 6/2/17

Ramon Flores

Ramon FloresRamón Flores is a native of Albuquerque who earned BA in History and MA in Cultural Pluralism from Stanford University and a MFA in Directing from the Yale School of Drama. In the course of a thirty year career as a theatre director, playwright, actor and producer Ramón has extensively researched and written on a number of historical issues. Ramón wrote, directed and produced two plays about New Mexico's colonial period. With Lynn Butler Knight he co-wrote The Merchant of Santa Fe which addressed the plight of New Mexico's Hidden Jews living under the shadow of the Inquisition in 1670. With Taos Pueblo writer James Lujan he co-wrote Casi Hermanos about the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 which was produced in 1995. In 2004 Ramón co-wrote and produced the play The Peculiar Case of José Padilla about the New York born Puerto Rican who was held as an "enemy combatant" in a US military brig for more than three years and accused of being "the dirty bomber" for Al Qaida. This play addressed the issues raised by the "Global War on Terrorism." He is currently working on follow up play to The Peculiar Case of José Padilla. For the UNM Continuing Education Division, Ramón has previously offered the lecture series "Islam and the West," "The Manhattan Project," and "A City Upon the Hill: American Exceptionalism from Puritan New England to Bagdad of 2007." Ramón is a popular lecturer through Story of New Mexico and has led film series and other discussion groups. Recently, he provided courses for Osher on the origins and role of the Tea Party Movement, Propaganda, Populism and Corruption of Western Ideals and the Myth of Secure Borders. Ramón is a voracious reader and researcher and has a loyal following within the Osher community.

Upcoming Classes:

The Manhattan Project, Sec B: The Secret City, Dilemmas and Implications of the Bomb (1943 - 1945) (Section FAA) ‐ 12/13/16

Lizabeth Johnson

Lizabeth Johnson earned her MA in History from UNM in 2000 and her Ph.D. in History from University of Wash

Upcoming Classes:

Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1714 A.D. (Section WIN) ‐ 2/1/17
Medieval Germany (Section WIN) ‐ 3/1/17

Howard Romanek

Howard RomanekHoward Romanek was a history and urban studies teacher for most of his career at the Glenbrook High Schools in Illinois. While there, he helped to create the first four year international studies program in Illinois, the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies. Since retiring in 2003, he has been a substitute teacher, guest lecturer and volunteer basketball coach at Glenbrook South High School. From 2005 - 2010, he was a member of the history Department as Illinois State University. He's taught several popular classes for the Osher Institute including the Seven Deadly Sins, Hamilton and Jefferson and the Catholic Church and the War in Europe.

Upcoming Classes:

Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell s 1984: Still Relevant in 2016? (Section FAA) ‐ 12/12/16

Youth Programs

Youth Programs Instructors

Instructor Name
Kevin Glasgow

Kevin GlasgowKevin Glasgow holds a BS in Graphic Design and Art Education from Eastern New Mexico University. Kevin has over 25 years experience as a graphic designer in both print and broadcast media. He currently works as creative director for a regional industrial supply company.

Upcoming Classes:

Graphic Design for Teens (ages 12-17) (Section WIA) ‐ 2/11/17

Elaine Muray


Upcoming Classes:

Storytelling for Young Performers (ages 8-16) (Section WIA) ‐ 3/6/17

Frank Sedillo

Metropolitan Court Judge Frank Sedillo's ('82 BBA, '87 JD) pursuit of a legal career began in the legislative branch when he served as Aide/Doorkeeper for Senator Pete Domenici and then as Aide to Congressman Manuel Lujan. Now he presides not only in court but as host of "The Advocate," a City of Albuquerque GOV 16 Television show. His contributions to UNM athletics began with the Lobo football team and have continued with nearly 20 years' service on the UNM Alumni Lettermen's Association board of directors. Sedillo is licensed as a coach and official for the New Mexico Activities Association.

Upcoming Classes:

Make Your Case: Introduction to Law Camp (ages 10-14) (Section WIA) ‐ 3/20/17

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