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Communication is the cornerstone to any successful professional and personal relationship. Good communication is part and parcel of being a neighbor, a good friend and a healthy community member. Take part in our varied classes whose topics range from organization and time management to the exploration of laughter, happiness and aging. You will learn to love the art of communication in our interactive classes that are designed to help you enjoy your experience while learning invaluable skills.

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Our bodies can be a source of wonderful pleasure as well as discomfort and pain. If we know how to communicate with them, our bodies can also be sources of informaiton that reveal the mystery of life. Often our most challenging physical problems and health issues contain the greatest wisdom that can lead to enhanced well-being and provide direction on how to live our lives. This class is based on Processwork, an awareness-based mind/body system developed by Arnold Mindell with foundations in Jungian psychology, shamanism, and Taoism. We will explore how to access informaiton contained in our physical symptoms and use them as doorways into ourselves. We will also look at the relationship between nightime dreams and body symptoms. Herb is a yoga instructor, herbalist, and has a master's degree in Process-oriented Facilitation.

Note: UNM Tuition Remission eligible under Personal Enrichment.

Section SUA-PE

Sat 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Herb McDonald
CE South Building

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