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Photography Classes

Join us and learn how to use your own digital camera, as well as learn the basics of photography composition, camera settings, lighting and more. Learn to use your camera effectively and correctly in our Photography classes so you capture the moments you want to keep forever!

Photography - Upcoming Classes

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What is an F‐stop? Should I shoot in JPEG or RAW? If you have a digital camera and have questions about how to use it, this class is for you. You'll become more familiar with your camera and learn how to take better quality images. Note: Please bring your camera and the instruction manual to class.

Note: UNM Tuition Remission eligible under Personal Enrichment. Bring your camera to the first class.

Section FAB‐PE

11/7/18 - 11/14/18
Wed 6:00 PM ‐ 8:00 PM
Lance Ozier
CE South Building

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In a photo rut? Are all of your images starting to look the same? In my photo class, "Time Talent and Tenacity ", I will explore these 3 powerful tools that will take your photography to the next level. These tools are not complicated and are easy to learn. Time is the canvas where all aspects of photography come together. Talent is the muscle memory needed to allow the right brain its freedom to create. Tenacity is the ability to never give up and never surrender! In this informative and entertaining class, I will show you the ways of the photographic force.

Note: UNM Tuition Remission Eligible under Personal Enrichment.

Section FAA‐PE

Thu 6:00 PM ‐ 8:30 PM
Elliot Madriss
CE South Building

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UNM Staff, Faculty & Retirees: You may use your Personal Enrichment Tuition Remission for Photography Classes.

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