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2020 Writers Conference

Navigating the Publishing Landscape

UNM Continuing Education is hosting the 16th Annual Writers Conference. Editors and agents from across the country will be our navigators through the publishing landscape. Map out the hottest trends and best practices in publishing for short stories, novels, narrative non-fiction, poetry, memoirs and more.
 Individual pitch sessions with agents and editors will be offered at no additional cost on a first-come basis.

Total Conference Cost: $225

Date: Saturday, April 18, 8:30am-4:30pm

Location: UNMCE North Building, Albuquerque, NM

Register for the Conference

This event is covered under professional development tuition remission for UNM staff and faculty.

Connect with Industry Experts

Learn about the market and the craft of writing. Make contact with editors, agents, and other writers. Socialize with people who care about the same things you do in an inspiring and enjoyable environment. As you prepare for the conference, think of questions you’d like answered during the 90-minute panel. Write them down and be prepared to take the microphone and ask them. Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other writers, teachers, agents, and editors at breaks and during lunch. Move around from table to table and engage in the conversations. Check out the book table, not only for books written by the participants, but for additional books on the craft of writing in your genre. Follow-up: Accept business cards and take the time to jot a note on the back of the card about the person who gave you the card, in case you decide to follow up with a new connection.

Prepare Your Pitch

Most writers are nervous. Remember editors and agents are human, they have as much invested in finding a great new writer as you have in being that writer. Be clear, precise, and prepared. For fiction, three things will get the agent or editor hooked on your project: setting, protagonist, and problem. Deliver those briefly, and with punch, and you have a basic pitch. Be brief and focus on the elements that give your story plausibility, inherent conflict, originality, and gut emotional appeal. For nonfiction projects, talk about the subject, your unique slant on it, your research, and your qualifications. Publishing credentials are helpful to include: prior novel publication, short stories in recognized magazines, journalistic experience, and professional articles. Do not bring your manuscript to the conference.

Conference Agenda and List of Speakers Coming Soon!

To view last year's agenda and list of speakers, click here. 

UNMUNM Tuition Remission

UNM Staff, Faculty & Retirees: You may use your Personal Enrichment Tuition Remission for Writers Conference.

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