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Critical Thinking Certificate

Employers often cite a need for increased critical thinking in the workplace. Most people naturally think “uncritically,” making decisions based on individual worldview, personal biases, self-interest and sometimes irrational emotions.

The Critical Thinking Certificate will help develop these crucial skills so that your employees expand their thought processes to be more intentional and better communicate these thoughts with colleagues. From the corporate executive office to the front line and sales floors, critical thinkers bring creative solutions to the table and help businesses to innovate and remain competitive.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARNcritical-thinking.png

  • Respond decisively and consistently when faced with situations that require a decision
  • Assess, analyze and evaluate the context of a business or industry problem
  • Propose solutions that involve critical thinking and the consideration of multiple perspectives
  • Improve your ability to exercise influence in your organization and activate your network to achieve goals
  • Establish responsibilities and accountabilities to ensure effective follow-through on decisions made


  • Mid-level professionals looking to move into advanced roles and leadership roles
  • Engineers and designers leading projects
  • Consultants or analysts
  • Anyone whose work involves devising, proposing, and defending evidence-based solutions
  • Employers who seek to move their teams from blindly following best practices, because that’s how it’s always been done, to reimagining how things can be done better today. Send your team!


Cash Clifton


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