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Instructor-led Online Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Dojo's award-winning data science bootcamp now available in remote, instructor-led format.

Is remote data science bootcamp for me?

Our remote instructor-led bootcamp is for those attendees who cannot commit to our one-week, full-time bootcamp.

Our remote training is taught by the same best-rated instructors who teach the 5-day, in-person bootcamp. The curriculum, exercises, collaboration tools, data science competition, learning tools and projects are the same for both learning formats.

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What you will learn?

Content covered in the bootcamp will include:

  • Introduction to Big Data, Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Exploration, Visualization, and Feature Engineering
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling, Classification and Decision Trees
  • Evaluation of Classification Models
  • Deploying a model in Azure machine learning
  • Participation in a Kaggle competition

Hands-on instructor-led practical exercises

  • Building and Understanding Visualizations in R
  • Building a Classifier
  • Determining the best split for Classification Models
  • Parameter tuning and Cross-Validation

Who should attend?

Working professionals who want to add data science to their current skillset, or who want to learn more about this new field.

Program Requirements

You should have an interest in data science and data engineering as well as knowledge of at least one programming language. However, many of our attendees come to us with little to no programming experience. Our pre-bootcamp materials will get you where you need to be to hit the ground running.

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UNM Tuition Remission Eligible.