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Active Shooter Survival Course

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This one-day course is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to survive and active shooter situation (a real possibility in today's world) by means of escape, concealment or self-defense. Re-enactment immersion scenarios designed to re-create the environment of an active shooter will help develop your immediate response necessary to survive the attack. Prevention, preparedness, response and aftermath action are covered during this course. Note: Open to everyone including government employees, corporate employees, law enforcement, EMS, and private and public school officials.

Tuition: $125

Date: 6/24/17; 9:00am-4:00pm

Location: UNMCE North Building, Albuquerque, NM

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Topics Covered in the Course are KRAV MAGA Based Tactics:

  • The Threat is Real! Current Threat of Transnational Terrorism
  • Protection and Survival Strategies
  • Active Shooter Trends and History in the United States
  • Definition, Mentality, Objective and Phases of an Active Shooter
  • Psychology of Survival & the Warriors Survival Mentality
  • Law Enforcement & School Threat Preparation, Response, and After Action
  • FIGHT: Defensive Hand-to-Hand Survival Tactics (KRAV MAGA Based)
  • High Stress Inoculation - Live Active Shooter Immersion Scenarios for Police and School Personnel
  • Certificate of Completion & Class Picture

Special Notice

Please be aware that several videos will be shown during training that contain graphic segments of actual Active Shooters.
Requirements: Wear casual comfortable clothes, soft soled shoes, will be moving fast at times, bring water bottle, pen, and small note-pad.

Tuition Assistance

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