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Our instructors are industry experts who enjoy teaching the concepts and skills that are part of their own daily work. Their knowledge of the latest tools and techniques allows them to accurately and effectively respond to your individual and business needs. In addition, our instructors provide valuable opportunities for networking and real-world experience. For more information about our Digital Arts instructors, please see the list below..

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Gathen GarciaGathen Garcia is a native (fourth generation) New Mexican born and raised in Albuquerque. He has been employed at PNM for the past 33 years, currently as the Manager of Drafting & Geographic Information Systems Department (DGIS). He is responsible for managing all GIS, CAD, and 3D Visualization support for electric transmission & distribution at PNM. He is also responsible for all AutoCAD customization. For the past 24 years, he has also been teaching beginning through advanced AutoCAD and 3D modeling & SketchUP through Continuing Education. He has been using AutoCAD since release 2.x which was introduced in 1984. He has trademarked and patented two software applications that have been sold and are being marketed to the global utility industry. His group has received geospatial awards from GITA and ESRI. He is a past board member of the New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC), a member of the Central New Mexico College GIS Advisory Committee, and a member of the Albuquerque Public Schools CAD Advisory committee. He first got involved with GIS in 1997 while managing the CAD Department for PNM. His involvement with GIS has primarily been in the Utility Industry.

Upcoming Classes:

AutoCAD: Beginning (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/10/2018
AutoCAD: Intermediate (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 07/17/2018
AutoCAD: Advanced (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 08/09/2018
SketchUp: Introduction to 3D Modeling (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 09/04/2018

Ralph Keeton

Upcoming Classes:

Security+ (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/10/2018
Essentials of Hardware and Operating Systems (Section SUB‐PD) ‐ 06/07/2018
Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting (Section SUB‐PD) ‐ 07/12/2018
Network Support (Network+) (Section SUB‐PD) ‐ 08/09/2018
Security+ (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 09/18/2018

Marc Mintz

Upcoming Classes:

Mac OS 10.13 Security Essentials (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/23/2018
iOS 10 Security Essentials (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
Windows 10 Security Essentials (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/07/2018
Android 7 Security Essentials (Section SPB‐PD) ‐ 05/14/2018

Glenn NormanMA in English, University of New Mexico. Glenn is a Linux, Unix and Windows network consultant and programmer with 20 years experience in the medical, education and environmental fields. A member of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM), he is the Project Manager for Hacker Highschool v.2 and a contributor to the OSSTMM "hacker's handbook.

Upcoming Classes:

Essentials of Hardware and Operating Systems (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 06/04/2018
Network Support (Network+) (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 07/09/2018
Security+ (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 08/06/2018

Jim Bolton is the president and founder of Propoint Solutions Inc. Incorporated in 2004, Propoint is a team of seasoned ITIL Experts who are focused on delivering excellence in IT Service Management, Consulting, Training, and Certification. Jim has extensive experience in diagnosing and solving complex organizational, process, and technical challenges. Jim's leadership and knowledge of industry best practice have brought IT service excellence to numerous venues including: Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal, State and Local Government, and Manufacturing. Jim is a Service Management Consultant, ITIL/ITSM trainer, author, and speaker at conferences around the world on IT Service Management topics. Jim is a member of the HDI Strategic Advisory Board, the HDI Faculty, itSMF, and ISACA. He is an EXIN Accredited ITIL Trainer, an EXIN Accredited Courseware Provider, and has developed and delivered numerous ITIL and Service Management based courses. Jim holds an MBA in Technology Management, the ITIL v3 Expert Certificate, ITIL v2 Manager Certificate in IT Service Management, ITIL Practitioner's Certificates for Support and Restore (IPSR), Agree and Define (IPAD), the ITIL V3 Certificates for Operational Support and Analysis (OSA), Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA), the itSMF ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Certificate, and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE).

Upcoming Classes:

ITIL® Foundation (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 04/24/2018

Upcoming Classes:

Explore Windows 10 (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/26/2018
Computer Basics for New Computer Users (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/30/2018
Windows: Beginning (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/07/2018

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