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Health and Wellness Instructors

The instructors for our Health and Wellness Professions classes are healthcare and medical industry experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge, skills, and expertise. As part of their continued commitment to the industry, they stay informed on the newest technologies, and methods.

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Jennifer Cady, MA, LPCC, LADAC has been on the faculty of the Substance Abuse Studies Training Program since 2000. She received her B.S. from Ohio University in Community Health Education and shortly thereafter a M.A. in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling from Case Western Reserve University & Ashland Theological Seminary. Her work includes Case Manager/Resident Advisor in Ohio and New Mexico, Mental Health Worker and UNM CASAA Counselor, Family Services Specialist and Clinical Coordinator for both adolescents and adults needing psycho social assessment, treatment planning, group and individual therapy to patients. Jennifer received her M.A. in counseling psychology in 1989 and is currently completing her doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is actively involved with the New Mexico Addiction Education Network to help those entering this field become educated. Jennifer goes the extra mile with joy to guide those with a passion for this challenging but satisfying work.

Upcoming Classes:

Managing Co‐Occurring Disorders (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Working with Adolescents: Treatment and Prevention (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/21/2018
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/05/2018

Ms. Chavez has been employed in the Health Care Industry for over 28 years. Her experience ranges from coding and billing to compliance and education. She received her CPC (certified professional coder) certification in 1991 and her CPC‐H (certified professional coder‐hospital) certification in 1998 from the American Academy of Professional Coders. In 1998, Ms. Chavez is credited for initiating the Albuquerque AAPC Chapter in which she served as chapter president for 2 years. In 2007, Ms. Chavez received her CCP‐P (certified compliance professional‐physician) certification from the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and her CMAS (certified medical administrative specialist) from the American Medical Technologists. Ms. Chavez was the co‐founder of Medical Academy Services LLC and in 2008 became the sole founder of New Mexico HealthCare Consulting Services LLC.

Upcoming Classes:

Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy for Coders (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/16/2018
Testing Strategies with CPC Exam Preparation (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/17/2018
HCPCS Level II Coding (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/18/2018
FRESH LOOK ‐ Orientation to Medical Coding &; Billing Training (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/16/2018
CPC National Certification Boot Camp (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/26/2018

Upcoming Classes:

EKG Technician (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Certified Professional Healthcare Compliance Officer (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Medical Administrative Assistant (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Medical Billing and Coding (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Clinical Medical Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Medical Billing and Coding + MAA (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Dental Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Pharmacy Technician + MAA with Clinical Externship (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Dialysis Technician (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Pharmacy Technician with Clinical Externship (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Electronic Health Records Management (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Physician's Office Assistant + EHRM with Clinical Externship (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/24/2018
Physician's Office Assistant + EHRM with Clinical Externship (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
EKG Technician (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Certified Professional Healthcare Compliance Officer (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Medical Administrative Assistant (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Certified Professional Medical Auditor (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Medical Billing and Coding (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Clinical Medical Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Medical Billing and Coding + MAA (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Dental Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Pharmacy Technician + MAA with Clinical Externship (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Dialysis Technician (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Pharmacy Technician with Clinical Externship (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Electronic Health Records Management (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 06/02/2018
Clinical Medical Assistant with Clinical Externship (Section SUA‐PE) ‐ 09/01/2018

Having been raised with traditional medicine, raChelle has always had a keen interest in holistic health, and thanks to her grandfather she learned early on how to integrate plant medicine into her own health and well‐being. raChelle has studied Clinical Herbalism, with an emphasis in Ayurveda medicine at the University of New Mexico; and Complimentary Alternative and Herbal Medicine at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Her specialties include Health & Lifestyle Coaching, Herbalism, Nutrition and Exercise.

Upcoming Classes:

BrainFit ‐ Our Mind for the Ages (Section SPA‐PE) ‐ 04/07/2018

Sonia Masocco, LDT, C.Ay.P., CAH is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy as well as a member of the American Herbalist Guild. For the past 14 years, Sonia has had a private practice in Albuquerque; she also participates in lectures and conferences worldwide.

Upcoming Classes:

FRESH LOOK ‐ Brown Bag: Herbs for Sleep (Section SPC‐PE) ‐ 03/26/2018
Ayurveda Assessment Techniques (Section SPA‐PE) ‐ 04/03/2018
Clinical Herbalism 102 (Section SPA‐PE) ‐ 04/04/2018
FRESH LOOK ‐ Ayurveda for wellness, results in health (Section SPB‐PE) ‐ 04/19/2018
Food as Medicine (Section SPA‐PE) ‐ 05/10/2018
Remedies, Know your Essences (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 06/06/2018
Clinical Herbalism 101 (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 09/05/2018
Clinical Herbalism 103 (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 09/06/2018
Clinical Case Studies in Herbalism (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 09/10/2018
Chikitsa: the 6 major factors of health and wellness (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 09/11/2018
Ethics of Herbal Medicine (Section FAA‐PD) ‐ 10/22/2018

Upcoming Classes:

Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 03/27/2018

Dr. Vickie McGinley, DBH, LPCC, has been working in substance abuse and mental health for over 23 years. She has worked with homeless, homeless youth, criminal justice, and domestic violence clients during that time. For seven years, she worked at UNM/CASAA and is a veteran of several clinical trials with CRA, A‐CRA CRAFT and MI protocols, including COMBINE (Combining Medications and Behavioral Interventions), ESTAR (Expanding Services to Albuquerque's Runaways), and OTEP (Opiate Treatment Enhancement Project). She has been teaching evidence based treatments for addictions at SASTP for the past 14 years. Recently she was working in Juvenile Justice and is a statewide coordinator of substance abuse treatment services, training staff in CRA and MI and is now at UNMH as a therapist. She received a Doctor of Behavioral Health Degree from Arizona State in 2014.

Upcoming Classes:

Community Reinforcement Approach (Section WIA‐PD) ‐ 03/10/2018

Daniel Mintie LCSW, a trainer at the Mountain View California Feeling Good Institute, has 25 years experience treating addictions, anxiety, depression and trauma. He runs a bi‐monthly TEAM training group at his Albuquerque office and provides TEAM consultation and training worldwide via the internet.

Upcoming Classes:

Dealing with Stressful and Traumatic Events (Section SUA‐PD) ‐ 08/04/2018

Upcoming Classes:

Clinical Medical Assistant (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 03/26/2018

Caroline OrcuttCaroline Orcutt has an MA in Art from UNM with an emphasis in Printmaking and Photography and a minor in Art History. Caroline has over 30 years of experience in graphic design and digital arts. She ran her own business for many years and specializes in teaching graphic design. Caroline originated the current Digital Arts Program (formerly the Graphic Design Program) at UNM Continuing Education in 1996.

Upcoming Classes:

Exploring Mind Practices: Sustaining your meditation habit (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 03/27/2018

Brian SernaBrian Serna, LPCC, LADAC, is an international trainer and consultant in Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) and Cultural Issues in Behavioral Healthcare. Mr. Serna has trained clinicians around the world in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), and Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) all of which are prominent EBPs in the treatment of addictions. His teaching style is engaging and experiential, demanding that students sometimes take risks in order to integrate the material. He has directed substance abuse treatment and prevention programs in New Mexico and Oregon. Currently, he is the Health and Wellness Division Director for the Pueblo of Tesuque, is in private practice in Santa Fe, NM and teaches at the University of New Mexico and Southwestern College.

Upcoming Classes:

Cultural Competencies for Counselors (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/07/2018

Institute of Community Wellness and Athletics ‐ 4110 Ellison St. NE, Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87109 Jonathan Smith, RD, LD Fitness courses are held at the Institute of Community Wellness and Athletics, a non‐profit dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to improve their quality of life. The institute has a 2600 square foot training floor where participants will engage in the principals being taught in the lecture portion of the course. The facility allows for all hands on work needed to pass the exam and begin working as a Personal Trainer.

Upcoming Classes:

Accelerated Fitness Trainer Clinic (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/27/2018

Upcoming Classes:

FRESH LOOK ‐ Brown Bag ‐ Sleep Well (Section SPA‐PE) ‐ 03/29/2018
Finding and Understanding Medical Research Studies (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 04/03/2018

Robert M. Tanner, M.A., MPA, Ph.D., LMFT is the coordinator of the counseling and human development department at Albuquerque Academy. He has a myriad of experiences in mental health that spans a 30‐year period, including independent schools, inpatient and outpatient services, and addictions/dual diagnosis treatment. He has also taught counseling and psychology courses at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level. Bob is a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team and has been deployed on a number of national disasters. He has worked with families of victims lost in the World Trade Center, and more recently, with victims of Hurricane Katrina. In recognition of Bob's many volunteer disaster preparedness and response activities with the American Red Cross, the New Mexico Psychological Association in 2009 appointed him to lead its Disaster Response Network program. Bob holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Michigan State University, a master's degree in counseling from the University of New Mexico, a master's degree in public health administration, also from UNM, and master's and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the Fielding Institute.

Upcoming Classes:

CRAFT and Working with Family Members (Section SPA‐PD) ‐ 05/05/2018

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